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The sealer is a founding material that is placed before the work of the paint, and each type of paint has a substance that is placed before it for foundation. The sealer is also a substance that is filled with pores in the walls, whether it is cement, chalk, or fractured particles.


Pianto High Sealer is one of the essential foundation paints in preparing walls for painting, and it should be used before painting the paints to ensure the paint's durability and consistency for the longest time. Especially in the case of wall paint for the first time, it has been designed to be used as a primary basis for the interior water-based paint system, as it fills the pores of the surfaces to be painted and prepares them for better bonding with the subsequent paint layers.

How to use

Method of preparation: Paste the pestle by 20% water as a natural dilution rate, as the water is used to reduce the viscosity of the Pianto High Sealer product.

Tools used: brush or roller

Drying time: one hour as a minimum to paint another layer of any type of water-based paint

Package weight: 9 Litres Plastic Bucket