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Acrillic putty

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Acrillic putty


It is a wall paste ready for use, based on the emulsion of acrylic polymers, in addition to special fillers, binders, and anti-bacterial materials, produced according to the Egyptian standard specifications.


It is used for pasting and smoothing the walls over the normal and cement rough whiteness and the internal and external concrete surfaces before painting all types of paints or for correcting wallpaper, it can be used to fill in all gaps, cracks and numbles without any cracks, which often occur in the case of using a regular paste

How to use

Method of preparation: The surface to be kneaded must be dry and free of oils, greases, and dirt. One side of the paste is applied to the smooth surfaces and increases to two or more sides in the need of rough surfaces. Before performing the next side, it must be sanded.

Tools used: paste knife

Drying time: Half an hour as a minimum to paint another layer of any type of water-based paint.

Package weight: 12 Litres Plastic Bucket ، 12Litres Plastic Bag , and 3 Litres Plastic Galoon