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Scratch-resistant coating

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Scratch-resistant coating

Description: Smooth, high-quality matte water-based paint and premium additives, characterized by strong coverage, high luster, ultra water-resistance, alkali, yellowing, ease of application, and high resistance to leasing in addition to its long-term durability.

Uses: suitable for internal and external use on concrete and gypsum ceilings and walls, whether new or previously painted

How to use

Method of preparation: Paste the pestle by 15% water as a natural rate of dilution as the water is used to reduce the viscosity

Tools used: brush, roller or spray gun

Drying time: Half an hour as a minimum, to paint another layer of any type of water based paint, according to the nature of the surface to be painted.

Package weight: 12 Litres Plastic Bucket, and 3 Litres Plastic Galoon