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Description: High-quality semi-glossy water-based acrylic paint, made of a polymer characterized by its advanced formula that gives it a semi-glossy appearance, excellent covering strength and high luster, excellent resistance to alkali and water, durability and good ability to resist weather conditions, good ability to keep the shine, good resistance to lining

Uses: suitable for internal and external use of concrete, gypsum and gypsum walls and ceilings, whether new or previously painted.

How to use

Preparation method: The surface to be painted must be clean and free from any dirt, oils or greasy materials and be reduced by 15%.

tools used: roller, brush, and a spray gun

Drying time: Half an hour as a minimum, to paint another layer of any type of water based paint, according to the nature of the surface to be painted.

Package weight: 12 Litres Plastic Bucket, and 3 Litres Plastic Galoon